Exclusive Video Interview with Three 6 Mafia Now Da Mafia 6ix!

Exclusive Video Interview with Three 6 Mafia Now Da Mafia 6ix!

The infamous Three 6 Mafia is back! The same hardcore rap group that put out such hits as “Ridin Spinners“, “Tear da club up” and “Sippin on some Syrup” is back putting out bangas as if they never left!  In November of last year Three 6 Mafia came together as the Da Mafia 6ix including 5 of the 6 original members, DJ Paul, Crunchy Black, Koopsta Knicca, Gansta Boo and Lord Infamous; Juicy J being the only member not to join.



Under their new name Da Mafia 6ix, they released their first mixtape The 6ix Commandments as a sampler for the upcoming album Watch What You Wish ,which is scheduled to be released early next year.  A month later the group lost a member of the family with the passing of Lord Infamous (RIP). In May of this year, Gansta Boo was said to have parted ways as well.


Many fans skeptical at first that the reunion may turnout to be a miserable fail, where excitedly impressed with the mixtape! The music gave off that 90’s feel, taking fans way back to Hypnotize Minds with the same hard, dark sounds. The mixtape definitely left fans wanting more.

Now, nearly a year later they drop a second mixtape. Hear Some Evil was released Thursday October 30th at 3:06pm EST, just in time for Halloween.

2014-10-28 17.35.30

The mixtape has 12 tracks including 2 skits and features from Lil’ White, Paul Wall, MJG, La Chat, Fiend, and several others. The tape also includes 2 tracks with the late Lord Infamous. The fans definitely won’t be disappointed with this one!


 Da Mafia 6ix “Lock’m N Da Trunk” Video


My favorite songs are # 3 “Lock M N da Trunk”, which they just released a video for this week as well and #11 “Payin Top Dollar”. Again with this mixtape it sounds like the original hardcore Three 6 Mafia music. DJ Paul references this mixtape also as a sampler to the album and that the group is saving a lot more for Watch What You Wish.


Da Mafia 6ix is currently touring with the Insane Clown Posse (ICP), Mushroom Head, Jelly Roll and Mad Child. DM6 and ICP, who both rap about some wicked shit, collaborated to form a supergroup earlier this year know as The Killjoy Club.


2014-10-28 23.11.07

They have released one album under The Killjoy Club, entitled Reindeer Games. Although they do perform a few songs from the album on tour, they are planning another tour early next year specifically for The Reindeer Games.

2014-10-27 21.49.12

I got together with Da Mafia 6ix for an exclusive interview before they got on stage to perform in St. Louis. They performed at Pops which is a night club, but can hold up to 1,500 people. You can view the video interview below as DJ Paul addresses the name change, rumors of Juicy J not being able to perform with the new group, why Gansta Boo really left and much much more!!


 “6 Questions with Da Mafia 6IX” Interview


Da Mafia 6ix had a meet and greet prior to the show where fans had the opportunity to hang out with them, get VIP treatment throughout the show and receive several autographed items. For an extra $50 on top of your ticket, not a bad deal!


2014-10-28 21.06.11

Da Mafia 6ix performed their own individual set, were immediately available afterwards to sign merchandise and returned on stage with ICP at the very end of the show together as The Killjoy Club. They had fans lining up for hours to get autographs. The merch booth included t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, posters and DJ Paul’s Smoky Hot BBQ sauce!

2014-10-28 18.25.57
2014-10-28 18.27.45
2014-10-28 21.07.52

As you could image with such a line-up, the concert was definitely something out of the ordinary. You had a mix of rap, heavy metal and alternative rock. It gave you a little bit of everything!

2014-10-28 23.09.30
2014-10-28 23.12.30

Growing up I was a huge ICP fan (or Juggalette) as they call it and it was reminiscent to see them perform. (Well, to see them perform from backstage that is. Where I was able to stay clear of being drenched in Faygo soda!) For anyone that has never been to an ICP show it is definitely something you should experience at least once in your life!

2014-10-28 17.40.38

I had a great time hanging out with Da Mafia 6ix!  I hung out with Crunchy Black more than anyone that evening. We drank Henessey while DJ Paul drank wine and fireball shots (That is all he drinks, Pinot Grigio and fireball shots).  Everyone was really cool and down, evening including their stage crew and management! Also you could tell that they really had an appreciation for their fans!


2014-10-28 23.07.23
2014-10-28 17.35.30

Several of the stage crew and various band members including Crunchy Black had on these very entertaining hoodies that evening! They read “If My P.O. Asks I Hang Drywall”. Apparently one of the band members makes them.

If you are in Europe look out for them on tour and stay tuned for Watch What you Wish!

**Click here for an extended version of the interview.


Stay up to date with Da Mafia 6ix here  http://www.damafia6ix.com

Follow Da Mafia 6ix on Twitter  https://twitter.com/Damafia6iX





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